• Losing all perspective

    This is outside our usual zone, but a friend sent me the following this morning:

    I have three children, one not much older than this girl.  I’m really having a problem with this.

    We spend a lot of time, especially as pediatricians, talking with children about how they should be touched.  There are acceptable and unacceptable touches.  More importantly, there exists only a small class of adults that a child should be comfortable being touched by at all.

    I’m sorry, but a TSA security person does not fall in that group.  Moreover, any parent could tell you that the TSA person in this video has no idea how to deal with a small child.  The way she grabs the child, while the child is struggling, isn’t ok.

    I’m all for reasonable security screening.  But at some point, we’ve gone too far.  We live in a society today where families don’t all live in the same town.  We have to travel, with small children, more often than we’d like.  And I’m sorry, but unless anyone can point me to credible evidence that people in the US have been using small children to smuggle in weapons for nefarious purposes, then the good can’t outweigh the harm here.

    This child is going to remember this.  Hell, I’m going to remember it, and I’m not even directly involved.  And as long as we continue to make policy decisions based on apocraphyl anecdote and our “gut”, things aren’t going to get better.

    That goes for health care, too.

    UPDATE: Evidently, “Tribune” has made YouTube pull the video.  I’d love to link to a legitimate stream if anyone can let me know of one.

    UPDATE 2: A link in the comments is working for now.  And I’ve made minor edits for clarity.

    • The only thing that trumps terrorism in America’s crazy brain is child safety and pedophilia. How perfectly appropriate that this video has gone viral. Maybe at some point we’ll have an adult security system (and with it, an adult political system).

    • I see the Tribune keeps pulling the video when people repost it. I’m guessing they don’t want you folks to actually know the kinds of things that are actually going on.

      Er, I should perhaps say that “you folks” means Americans. I’m a Canadian. Things are going very badly wrong in both our countries wrt policing, imho.

    • “But at some point, we’ve gone too far.”

      Yes, absolutely, and that point is right here.

      When government security agents are molesting children — how else to describe this? — who are simply with their parents, trying to fly, with no evidence of anything wrong, we’ve gone too far.

      We have let it go too far. Where to draw the line on reasonable security measures is a legitimate and necessary question. But now, there is no line, it’s been erased.

    • Some officials are now taking clues from Israeli airport security. In Israel, they profile individuals at different points in the security process. If we did that, I am sure it will cut down on the pat downs of grandmas and children.

      I wonder if we are all okay with these new type of searches, aka touching private areas, on our children. why is that okay?