Irony, thy name is Florida

Remember this ad?

I bring it up, because someone sent me two related news stories out of Florida this week. Here’s the first (emphasis mine):

Florida is changing part of its state-employee health insurance program to offer only one HMO in each county.  The state Department of Management Services, which oversees employee insurance, said changes in the program would save an estimated $400 million over two years. The changes also would require thousands of state employees to switch to different HMOs, a process that would begin in late September.

And here’s the second (emphasis mine):

Florida officials sent a wide-ranging application Monday to the federal government for steering almost 3 million Medicaid patients into managed care, a major shift that has sparked heavy lobbying from critics who demand the Obama administration deny the move.

But Republican Gov. Rick Scott said he was confident the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) would approve the request, which supporters say could save the state more than $1 billion when fully in place.

The ad seemed to imply “choice” was important. I’d be curious for someone in the media to ask Governor Scott if he’s changed his mind on that.

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