• Please help me learn new things – the schedule!

    After my post asking for your recommendations for things I should learn about in 2016, I got a lot of fantastic responses. If I didn’t choose yours, it’s likely because I already felt like I knew something about the subject, it was too specific, or because something else beat it out slightly. There’s just too much.

    I’m going to dedicate a month to each topic. I’m going to commit to reading at least two books on the subject. If it’s also a physical skill, I will also commit to a project or some goal. Before each month, I’m going to ask all of you for recommendations for sources. I’m already behind in January, so let’s go!

    1. January – History of water and growth in So Cal (and maybe elsewhere)
    2. February – Wine
    3. March – Game Theory
    4. April – Cryptography
    5. May – Art history (this needs to be further defined)
    6. June – The history of railroads in the US
    7. July – Oceanography
    8. August – Football (strategy and theory)
    9. September – Chaos Theory
    10. October – Music appreciation (this needs to be further defined)
    11. November – Linguistics
    12. December – Knitting

    There you have it. January is thanks to Emma Sandoe, so she better start recommending sources right away!


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