• Help me learn new skills in 2017!

    After my very fulfilling 2016 of learning new things, I want to spend 2017 learning new skills. I’ve come up with a list, but I’m want your input on what I might do. I also want to see if you have better ideas.

    Ideally, I think that I’d like to dedicate two months each skill. I think that a month may not be enough for some of these, and I want to do them right. Some will also clearly require more than two months to “master”, but I think that’s enough to get me off the ground. Here are my thoughts so far:

    • Knitting
    • Meditation – I’ve tried before, but I really need to set aside time for this if I’m going to do it
    • Photoshop/Photography
    • A language (something like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone)
    • Drawing
    • An instrument – I played piano as a kid, but I’d be open to something new
    • Electronics – something like Arduino
    • Cooking – I know the basics, but I would like to get good at this without a cookbook
    • Baking – Again, I know the basics, but it would be cool to be able to make insane cakes, cookies, and pies

    What am I missing? What should I do? I’m going to leave comments here open for a while, and you can also tweet at me.



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